Help network

Primis, together with the May Day Antenna coordinates the Aid Network, the sex workers

The Help Network is aimed at all people who prostitute themselves regardless of their status and provides medical services, legal and social advice, requests for help on returning to their country of origin, and support and listening in times of difficulty. Access to network services is free for users.

The Network was born in 2006 when most people who prostituted themselves were still in a situation of illegality. It was challenging for them to access the social and health services of the area. The lack of a family and social support network, the absence of health coverage, the fear of reporting the violence suffered due to their status pushed these people more and more into invisibility, making them extremely vulnerable to the risk of exploitation. In recent years, the Network has allowed people, even those in situations of illegality, to have free access to a series of health and social services to request help in case of difficulty, without exposing themselves to the risk of being denounced due to their status.

The objectives of the aid network can be summarized in three points: to favor the access of people who prostitute themselves in Ticino to social and legal aid services; guarantee access to the health system; reduce those conditions of vulnerability that allow and encourage the exploitation of prostitution