Genital herpes

What is it?

Genital herpes is the sexually transmitted infection caused by a virus (Herpes simplex type 2)

The virus is easily transmitted through:

  • Unprotected (vaginal / anal / oral) relationships.
  • Drug addicts who exchange syringes with each other.
  • Infected mothers can pass the disease on to their child during childbirth.

What are the symptoms?

Generally it manifests itself with blisters that cause burning and itching, located mainly in the large and small labia, but also inside the vagina and neck of the uterus, in the area of ​​the pubis, groin and anal.

The lesions heal in 1-4 weeks, however the disease tends to reappear with a frequency that varies from person to person.

How to prevent it?

There is no vaccine that protects against herpes.

  • A person with cold sores should avoid kissing or having active oral sex.
  • In the event of blisters or ulcers in the genital region, sexual intercourse should be avoided.

It is important to always use condoms when having sex.

How is it treated?

  • For the diagnosis it is necessary to make a swab from a vesicle or an ulcer. Another diagnostic method is the blood test that can detect antibodies against the herpes virus. Herpes cannot be cured, they can only soothe the symptoms, usually with antiviral drugs.

Other tips to perform:

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