Procedures to be implemented

The practice of prostitution is governed by the Cantonal Law on the practice of prostitution (LProst) of 22.01.2018.

Any activity aimed at making one’s body available or practicing manipulations of the clients’ bodies, occasionally or professionally, with or without carnal conjunction, for their sexual pleasure in exchange for money or other economic advantages, is considered prostitution under the law. . The acquisition of customers is considered an exercise in prostitution. (Art. 2 para 1 LProst).

Persons of Swiss citizenship as well as foreigners who benefit from a permit valid for foreigners in Switzerland or who have a notification as a service provider (90 day notification), who practice prostitution or who intend to do so must register without delay to the cantonal police (art. 4 para. 1 LProst).

Prostitution is authorized only in erotic premises with authorization (art.6 LProst) or in apartments where prostitution is carried out on an individual basis in premises owned or for which the person has rights of use ( art. 14 LProst).

You can work with a notification procedure for 90 days a year, it is a personal document that you must always have with you (in paper or electronic format on your cell phone) during police checks, if you have to register online and it’s free.

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